E xcellent 
G lorious 
R elentless 

N otable 
C ourageous 
 I nspiring 
A ltruistic
D isciplined
A daptable


When we started our clothing brand LEGRANCIADA , we put down some of the most important qualities that a real man in 21 century should have (in our opinion).

We love history and it is fascinating for us the strength and the qualities that Kings had back in the day, but also we believe that if a normal guy in today's day and age develops, cultivates, works on - he CAN be with the level of importance for himself and the people around him.

He can leave a Legacy; he can be Legendary; he can be the Man!
It does not matter, and it's not critically important of height, race, ethnicity, financial status ect. We believe what matters are the qualities that are mentioned above, and the first letter of each of these qualities and characteristics, forms our name LEGRANCIADA!

We belive that living these values means being the most authentic version of yourself in all aspects of a man's life. Not just at work, or with your family, but in all areas that matter to man. Just as purpose is a compass leading back into alignment with who a person is meant to be, values guide him back to who he truly is... and then he starts ...

... Living Without Limits!